Italian breakfast is known all over the world, We brought our flavors in the United Arab Emirates. Our Arab offices are open at the Millennium Capital Gate Hotel. Check out our contact page for more offices detail. Click here

Imagine enjoying a delicious croissant on the shore of a crystal clear sea. Now you can make this dream come true, our products are also available in Mexico. Olè!

Flour, cereals and eggs. But jams, chocolate and honey too.
Love and attention to the best ingredients make our croissants a product with a simple and good taste.
This is why we are so proud of our certifications: ISO, IFS International Food Standard e Halal Italia.

More than a simple morning ritual, that of coffee and croissant is a business worth over 6 billion euros per year. 49.3% of Italians take coffee in the morning, while two out of ten do not deny themselves a good accompanying croissant. A fortune for our local bars, which see almost a third of their turnover in breakfast.

Although often confused due to the shape, cornetto and croissant are two products with different characteristics and history. Typical of the Italian tradition, cornetto involves the use of eggs and tends to be sweet and flavored; on the contrary, the croissant has no eggs and has a fairly neutral taste, except for the characteristic hint of butter.